Gold Fraud

Typical Concerns:
  • How prevalent are gold, diamond, or other mining-related frauds?
  • How do I avoid mining-related frauds?
  • What organizations protect against mining frauds?
  • Use only authorized and reputable channels for purchases

Millions of dollars are spent on fraudulent gold or diamond purchase schemes that create painful experiences for foreign investors. Criminals prey upon the greed factor in a variety of complex ways. Buyers can safely purchase gold or diamonds through the Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation. Avoid any gold or diamond purchases at discounted rates. SeeThe Minerals Commission of Ghana, The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, and The Ghana Chamber of Mines for technical and regulatory support to the mining industry. It is easier to communicate with authorized industry specialists than to get involved in mining frauds. Chambers of commerce can recommend reputable mining contacts. There are legitimate mining, but investment in these should only be undertaken with the blessing of one of the above organizations.  Most of the small surface mining is being conducted contrary to law and government regulation.   The small scall mining is also where the greatest number of frauds take place.  Legitimate small scale mining concessions can sell to the Precious Minerals Marketing corporation at non discounted rates - why would they sell to you at steep discounts? 

  • Report Frauds
Gold/Diamond or other mining related frauds should be reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police. Crimes can also be reported to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).
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Industry Specialists

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Law Trust Company
Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ghana)
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