Media Relations

Typical Concerns:
  • How free is the press in Ghana?
  • How do I maintain a positive image with the press?
  • What should I avoid in dealing with the Ghana press?
  • Who can assist me in media marketing and establishing a positive image?
  • Freedom of the Press

Ghana is highly ranked in freedom of the press. The Reporters Without Borders 2009 Index ranks Ghana the 27th most free press of 175 countries. This also means the press can be a great asset or a great liability depending on the relationship maintained. Wikipedia - Media of Ghana provides a history of the media in Ghana.

  • Constructive Actions

Affirmative links and relationships should be established with the Ghana media. Advertising and media-related events can assist in establishing positive media relationships. Try to involve the media in all of your key accomplishments.

  • Destructive Actions

 - Do not release confidential matters to the press.
- Do not appear on talk shows.
- Avoid exaggerations.

  • Media Consultants

Probably the key to strong media relationships is hiring the right media consultant. There are numerous qualified independent media consultants. The various media outlets have qualified peoples to assist you with specific needs.

Helpful Resources


Industry Specialists

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ghana)
American Chamber of Commerce - Ghana