Rural Ghana

Typical Concerns:
  • What are the major obstacles to doing business in rural Ghana?
  • How do firms overcome the obstacles related to rural Ghana?
  • Identify Obstacles
Key obstacles to doing business in rural Ghana include:
  - Language barriers as tribal languages are more prevalent
  - Lack of adequate housing
  - Logistics and transportation issues
  - Lack of utilities including electricity and water
  - Lack of qualified personnel
  - Social customs
  - Legal issues

  • Suggestions
Hire a consultant familiar with the area of the country you are targeting. Chambers of Commerce and attorneys should be able to assist with this effort. Individual recommendations would be as follows:
  - Languages – hire an interpreter
  - Adequate Housing – lease with rural real estate developers
  - Logistics and Transportation – liase with local authority on warehousing and roads
  - Lack Of Utilities – work with tribal chiefs and utilities
  - Qualified Personnel – build schools or training facilities
  - Social Customs – use a qualified consultant
  - Legal Issues – use an attorney capable of working with the tribes
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Industry Specialists

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ghana)
American Chamber of Commerce - Ghana