Typical Concerns:
  • What are the options for shipping packages and letters?
  • Shipping
In addition to the Ghanaian postal system, there are several private shipping companies that operate internationally. Private shipping companies generally offer the best options for quality assurance and safe delivery
All parcels are required to have a parcel declaration or a green label affixed to them.
The post office or shipping company will act as your agent to get the parcel through customs.
Parcels will be examined by customs and duties will be levied on all chargeable items while prohibited and restricted items will be seized. Letters and envelopes are not subject to the same degree of scrutiny.
  • Personal Imports
All persons arriving in Ghana are required to fill out a Customs Declaration Form C70, identifying the items in your luggage.
Items that are brought into the country for personal use are not subject to the same taxes and fees that apply to commercial imports.
If you are moving to Ghana, there are several international moving companies that will provide safe passage for your belongings.

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