Educated Workforce

Ghana is placing priority on increasing the education of its citizens. See report.

  • 60% of children are enrolled in pre-primary school
  • More than 70% of children are in primary school
  • Nearly half of youth are in secondary school
  • 6% of the population of tertiary age are in tertiary education


Higher Education in Ghana is part of a broader, expanding tertiary education sector. See Higher Education in Ghana. The Government endorses a definition of tertiary education that embraces all post-secondary education leading to the award of a diploma or degree (MEYS, 2004), although definitions of tertiary education are currently under discussion. Public and private institutions offering tertiary programmes must be accredited by the National Accreditation Board. The tertiary education system in Ghana includes:

  • 6 public universities
  • 32 private universities (of which 16 are degree awarding institutions)
  • 10 polytechnics
  • 2 professional institutes
  • 38 post-secondary teacher training colleges
  • A growing number of private tutorial colleges
  • 17 private university colleges offer programmes certified by one of the six public universities in Ghana

Participation in tertiary education is lower in Ghana than much of the rest of the world; the Gross Enrollment Ratio is 5% compared to the global average of 24% (UNESCO, 2007). However, participation is increasing;

  • In 2004, total enrollment in tertiary education was 69,968, representing 3%, and lower than the sub-Saharan average of 5% (UNESCO, 2006).
  • In 2005, total enrollment in tertiary education in Ghana had risen to 110,184, equaling the regional average of 5% (UNESCO, 2007).
  • 75% of students in tertiary education are enrolled in degree-level programmes (UNESCO, 2007). Private universities became part of the national system of tertiary education in 1999, and with the number of private universities rising steadily since, so too has enrollment in private institutions.

Rising Enrolment in Private Universities in Ghana, 1999/2000 to 2005/2006
Data Source: Student enrolment at private universities (NCTE, 2006b)
In spite the rapid expansion in private higher education provision, the public sector continues to provide the greatest access to higher education. In 2005/6, 90% of students at university were enrolled in public institutions (NCTE, 2006 a&b).