Stable Democratic Climate


United Nations General Secretary congratulates Ghana UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warmly congratulates Ghana on peaceful, orderly elections; says continuing commitment to democratic process 'admirable example.' The following statement was issued on 4 January 2009:
"The Secretary-General warmly congratulates the people and Government of Ghana on the peaceful and orderly resolution of the recently concluded presidential and legislative elections.  He acknowledges the dedication and professionalism of Ghana's Electoral Commission, which has skillfully managed the process.  He commends the political parties and their leadership for their statesmanlike conduct during the final stages of this exercise. Ghanaians can and should take pride in this democratic achievement.  With their continuing show of commitment to the democratic process, Ghana and its leaders are setting an admirable example."
International Institute for Justice and Development says Ghana's elections bring optimism to Africa. “Ghana’s elections bring some much needed optimism to Africa’s reputation. Along with Benin, Senegal, Botswana, South Africa, and Mali, Ghana is establishing a political and electoral process which can really be called democratic...This election marks the 2nd successful transfer of power in Ghana since the 1992 democratic elections during which Jerry Rawlings (the organizer of three Ghanaian military coups during the 1980s) helped to establish multi-party elections and was democratically elected president. Rawlings also won a second term in the 1996 elections. In the 2000 presidential elections Rawlings stepped down to transfer power to the opposition party of John Kufuor – a surprising move, marking the first peaceful transition of power in Ghana’s independent history. Kufuor was re-elected in 2004 [5]. The transfer of power in the 2008 elections is evidence of Ghana’s stability and should remind us how far the country has come in recent years.”
World Bank Good Governance Indicators for 2009 recognize Ghana for good governance. "The democratic process, through elections, is well consolidated in Ghana. Ghana recently completed another peaceful transition of power, despite a very close and drawn-out election. In doing so, they became an example to the rest of Africa, and the world, on how to practice democracy. Ghana’s political rights, civil liberties and freedom of press rankings are amongst the best in Africa but are comparable to those recorded by countries at much higher levels of income. Ghana has repealed the media libel law and liberalized the airwaves, resulting in a more open society, with a vibrant media and strong public dialogue."
The World Bank Good Governance Indicators for 2010 show the following rankings with respect to the 20 most populated countries of Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Voice and Accountability – Ghana was second
  • Political Stability – Ghana was forth
  • Government Effectiveness – Ghana second
  • Regulatory Quality – Ghana second
  • Rule of Law – Ghana second
  • Control of Corruption – Ghana second

(Generally South Africa is first.)
Ghana - bringing Africa closer to Democracy